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The American Journal of Psychoanalysis is an international psychoanalytic quarterly of the Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. The AJP is a member of the International Council of Editors of Psychoanalytic Journals.

The now 83-year-old journal continues our cherished tradition of free exchange of thoughts, investigation and discussion of a diversity of opinion in psychoanalysis. The journal first flourished under the editorship of Karen Horney, MD (1941-1952) and after her it was nurtured and guided by the editorships of Harold Kelman, MD (1953-1960 and 1962-1969), Ralph Slater, MD (1961-1962), Helen DeRosis, MD (1969-1985), Mario Rendon, MD (1985-1991) and Douglas Ingram, MD (1991-2000). They were all committed to the highest levels of excellence and respect to the founding members’ wishes to be a forum to communicate the best ideas of psychoanalysis in a spirit free from dogma. The current Editor-in-Chief, Giselle Galdi, PhD (2000 to date) is informed by the both the past and the present, by those who worked before, and by those who continue to work with the AJP.

The AJP owes its ongoing vitality to the countless authors whose works have made our Journal an invaluable source for clinicians, researchers and students of human sciences for all these decades and the indispensable work, expertise and support of its dedicated Associate Editors, Section Editors and the Editorial Board:

Editorial Board

Giselle Galdi, PhD

Lisa A. Mounts, LCSW
Michele A. Muñoz, PhD

Associate Editors
Benjamin Kilborne, PhD
Endre Koritar, MD
Ian S. Miller, PhD
Robert Prince, PhD

North American Editorial Board
Marilyn Charles, PhD
Harold Covitz, PhD
Judy K. Eekhoff, PhD
Henry J. Friedman, MD
Joann Gerardi, PhD
Nancy Goldman, LCSW
Naomi Janowitz, PhD
Jeffrey I. Lewis, PhD
Margaret Parish, PhD
Mark F. Poster, MD
Virginia Rachmani, LCSW
Jeffrey Rubin, MD
Jeffrey B. Rubin, PhD
John Tavares, MD
Leland van den Daele, PhD
Robert T. Waska, PhD

International Editorial Board
Marco Bacciagaluppi, MD, Italy
Emanuel Berman, PhD, Israel
Antal Bókay,PhD, Hungary
Carlo Bonomi, PhD, Italy
Franco Borgogno, PhD, Italy
Luis J. Martín Cabré, PhD, Spain
Judith Dupont, MD, France
Galina Hristeva, PhD, Germany
Kathleen Kelley-Lainé, France
Judit Mészáros, PhD, Hungary
Clara Mucci, PhD, Italy
Moshe Halevi Spero, PhD, Israel
Judit Szekacs-Weisz, PhD, United Kingdom

Advisory Board
Salman Akhtar, MD
Axel Hoffer, MD
Peter L. Rudnytsky, MD
Vamik D. Volkan, MD

On the Arts
Judith E, Vida, MD

Book Reviews
Riva L. Tait, PhD

Jill Zalayet, DSW

Milena Kazakov, LCSW

Office of the Editor
Elizabeth S. Taylor

Founding Editor
Karen Horney, MD (1941-1952)

Past Editors
Harold Kelman, MD
Ralph Slater, MD
Helen A. DeRosis, MD
Mario Rendon, MD
Douglas H. Ingram, MD

American Journal of Psychoanalysis

329 East 62nd Street • New York, NY • 10065 • USA

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